In-House Corporate Marketing and Communications

My Role in This Work

When I joined the Windstream Marketing and Communcations team, the telecom corporation of more than 12,000 employees had just launched the “Windstream Enterprise” brand. I applied and extended visual branding to new and existing pieces, completing more than 580 requests in a 20-month period. I built layouts for hundreds of social media images, sales brochures and fact sheets, user and administrator guides, web content and UI graphics, and powerpoint slide decks. I also built customizable forms in both InDesign/PDF and Microsoft Word, designed branded logos and emblems for internal and partner programs, and helped define and refine the tools and processes the team used for collaborative workflow, file naming, archiving. Finally, I worked extensively with tables and style sheets in InDesign, which I consider specialities. This role was a great fit for me, and I truly enjoyed working with so many internal customers and coworkers in stewardship of this brand.


  • Marketing and Communications Teammates: Paula Roberge, Corey Vance, Nicole Yeager
  • B2B Marketing Agency: Quarry
  • Brand Agency: VSA Partners