Here are some tools for work and life that I use and recommend. May include affiliate links.

Mobile Talk, Text, Data: Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is the most cost-effective, reasonable mobile plan I have found. It runs on the T‑Mobile network. The cheapest is $15 per month per line if you pay annually. It works out to just under $17/month per line with taxes and fees. Unlimited talk and text. Not unlimited high speed data - - it's 4GB at high speed per month and then it gives you 3G if you go over. Like anyone I would prefer unlimited data, but I have not found an unlimited data plan anywhere nearly this low in price. My wife and I never use all our data. My teenage son always does, but I'm hoping he will learn that streaming video clips whenever and wherever you want is a luxury and not worth paying 4x just because everyone else does it. Use my link and you'll get a credit, and I will too.

Web Hosting: DreamHost

I have used Dreamhost for years. Top notch technology, managed by regular, real people. Powerful and easy to use.

Business-Class WordPress Hosting: WP Engine

WP Engine is the best WordPress hosting I've used.

Money Transfers and Payments: PayPal

The OG and most trusted partner for buying online and sending/receiving money between individuals. Use my link to sign up and you get $10 cash back (I get $10 as well).